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My Journey

Ramadan is a time of reflection, rejuvenation of the faith and a path of spirituality. It comes around every year, a blessing and one that I, like many other Muslims look forward to. A celebration of the faith we hold, while reminding ourselves of the hardships that come with fasting, it is essentially a means of teaching ourselves and others how to be patient and remain stead-fast on the path of prayer, charity and submission.

1.) A Spiritual Journey

I often use this month to reflect on what I’ve done throughout the year, my accomplishments and my shortcomings. Followed with prayer, I speak to God in my moments of silence; this essentially allows me to reconnect with my mind, body and soul. The journey of spirituality is never easy, but it’s one that helped me find myself as a person. The journey of spirituality is different for everyone, but for me it was speaking to my Lord, kind of like my very own therapy session. As times passes by and Ramadan comes along, I get excited to spend more time refocusing on my religion, it’s a special month of blessings and prayer, that makes it more joyous which allows me to reconnect with my Lord.

2.) Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam

If you didn’t know already, Muslims follow five of the pillars within Islam, and those are:

Shahadah- (The declaration of faith),

Salat (Prayer),

Zakat (Giving charity),

Sawm (Fasting during the month of Ramadan),

Hajj (The Islamic pilgrimage.)

Why do we follow such? Well, being a Muslim is committing to the duties your religion holds, however of course Islam also states that If you are unwell and unable to fast, then you do not need to fast. The same goes for women who are menstruating for a week, if you are unable to fast, you can fill that with charity and lots of prayers! Remember this month is filled with many blessings, so make the most of it.

3.) Patience is key!

Yes, I know, the smell of your mum’s samosas and tasty baking is getting to you – you just want to take one bite… but you can’t. The essence of patience is taught through many different acts during Ramadan, not being able to eat or drink- tests your abilities as a Muslim and teaches you to become stronger in your faith. Patience itself can be a form of meditation, it grants you a better understanding of life. Yes, I know, the woman in front of you may have taken your prayer spot during Tarawih (Extra prayers performed during Ramadan) but you must remain tolerant and push through. You got this!

4.) Ramadan teaches us to give charity.

Charity is also one of the five pillars of Islam, it’s important to give throughout the year- but especially on this blessed month of Ramadan. Giving back to those in need is what Islam teaches us, we need to be generous with our wealth and not allow greed to take over.

And so, we welcome Ramadan with open arms, a blessed month filled with celebrations of love and light.

(Don’t eat too many samosas!)
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