Happiness exists

In a world full of trials and tribulations, our souls search for happiness. Although this life consists of sorrow, happiness too exists within this world. Happiness doesn’t always have to be linked to materialism. In fact, it can actually be found in the smallest of moments. From the brewing coffee in the morning, to the sun setting, to spending time with your loved ones. Life will present you with many situations. There will be laughter, tears, joy and sorrow. Every moment is a lesson to learn from.

Happiness in your hands!

Happiness starts with you. It starts when you learn how to live for yourself. Without suffering, we will not learn how to find ease. There will be days filled with darkness and there will be days where the sun rises again. We spend too much time hoping to be happy in the near future. What we do not see is that it is right in front of us. Your heart is yours to protect and nurture. Cherish your life, you have a purpose in this world. Know that the calamities you endure is your road to being happy again.

Happiness can be found in anything, even our trials. It is easy to forget any happiness in your life and focus on the negatives. A day becomes bad just because of one painful moment, we tend to forget the majority of the day was spent in happiness. We have to shift our focus from pain to gratitude. There is small happiness that can be found in our everyday lives.

I hope you find joy in the little things.

Tasnim Begum

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