The Importance of Relaxation

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Candles adorned with fairy lights to give the room a cosy feel.

With September comes the start of school, sixth form and university and of course Autumn. We often dive right into work and become so busy we forget to relax. After a chilled Summer Holiday, it’s important to remember to give yourself a break at least once a week, even if you have been loaded with lots of work.

I am no expert when it comes to self-pampering, but I can recommend what I love to do to unwind after a long week.

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Face Mask alongside scrunchies,face towels, cosmetic headband and candles.

Now that it’s starting to get rainier and colder, I always love to light my candles. It gives me a cosy feel and the different aromas definitely help me relax. There’s something about watching candles flickering in the darkness that just puts your mind at ease. My favourite scents at this time of year are more fruity, light scents at it adds a bit of freshness to the room, in contrast to the wet and miserable weather outside.

I tend to feel really cold at this time of year, so I choose to get out an extra throw for my bed to feel extra cosy. With some added fairy lights your room will already feel like the perfect escape from the cold weather.

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Candle scents: passion fruit, cherry blossom and Tobacco flower.

That’s it! You have the perfect self-pampering setting and can now put on your favourite movie, TV show or listen to your favourite music. Treat yourself to your favourite face mask, I would recommend the magnetic face mask. It’s easy to remove, fun and your skin feels great afterwards!

I can speak from experience, you are more productive when you have a better mindset. It’s very important to look after your mind, your stress levels and your overall well-being. Don’t ever think your workload is insignificant compared to others so you have no right to be stressed. It depends on every individual on how they react to different work-loads, so remember to relax!

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