What do Muslims think of Brexit?

When discussing Brexit, what first comes to mind is the economy, inter-party politics, international politics and a bitter divide in the UK. Following the winter elections of 2019, the prospect of Brexit started to become more likely. Whilst discussing the matter of Brexit ourselves, we saw it fitting that we should make a video discussing how leaving the EU will impact the lives of Muslims, since we are a page featuring successful Muslim Women.

One great challenge faced when sourcing panellist for the shoot, was finding Muslim women who voted Leave. We searched intensively across social media to find someone who voted leave, we were determined to have a balanced discussion regarding Brexit to truly determine how it will impact Muslims. Of course, we finally did find Rabyia Baig, a Conservative Party member available to shoot the video. However, it still planted the question as to why there were such few Muslim women who voted Leave? Our other panellist included Maheen Syeda who works in the financial sector, Masa Jamaludeen who is a journalist and Javeria Hussain a Labour Party member and MEP candidate. All members voted to remain at the time of the Referendum, but following the results and thus, what the people voted for, Rabyia joined the Leave side, pushing for Brexit.

From left to right: Maheen Syeda, Rabyia Baig, Javeria Hussain & Masa Jamaludeen

The idea of the video is to pick out statements in a bowl, and react to them using the Emojis given. The panel would then discuss their views on the statements. We wanted to give the topic of Brexit this light-hearted spin to make discussion easier. It was certainly fun to watch how each person reacted to the statements, and how they reacted to each other’s emoji reaction.  It was very interesting to learn how in reality no one knows how Brexit will impact the lives of Muslims. There has been a spike in hate crime in correlation with Brexit, to which the case was presented in the discussion that hate crime has always existed, and people and the media are scaremongering you into thinking that the cause in recent spikes is to do with Brexit. Further to this it can be said that, economically one can only speculate how leaving the EU might impact our lives, as nothing is for certain as of yet.

What was most heart-warming when watching the panellists discuss the statements, was despite differences in opinion the panellists were so friendly with each other. There is perhaps a lesson to learn from this for all of us, whether you are on the Leave Side or the Remain, and whatever the outcome of Brexit we must remember to respect one another, and be a united country rather than one full of division and hatred.  

Behind the scenes – not a moment is dull

Check out our video ‘what do Muslims think about Brexit?’ below!

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