The Upside Down: A Metaphor For Kindness

With ‘Stranger Things’ being a hot new series, I can’t help but think why? Why is our current society so intrigued and engaged with these extravagant fictional characters and lives? Monsters, telekinesis, realms – this sci-fi fiction has seemingly taken hold of all ages and audiences.

Conspiracy theorists suggest The Upside Down is foreshadowing the future (with the Climate Crisis spiralling out of control, who’s to say they’re wrong?), but why label it the future when it could be our present?

Will Byers loses himself in The Upside Down, a realm that exists simultaneous to our own, but we can’t see it. It exists at the same time and in the same place, but it is difficult to reach. Metaphorically, I appreciate viewing The Upside Down on perhaps a smaller, but undoubtedly significant scale – our lives. While in The Upside Down Will and other characters are all alone, screaming for help, they still exist with their peers – they’re just in a different realm. For example, a park on Earth in our dimension is, in The Upside Down, also a park but dark, ominous and deserted – it’s the exact same park, but you are stranded and alone. These two dimensions coincide, you just need someone to reach through a rip in the dimension to save you.

Similarly, a moral that I hold firmly is that everyone has something they’re battling. Everyone is in their own Upside Down, afraid, fighting off their monsters, surviving. Every person we meet has experienced or is experiencing pain, so tread gracefully, kindly, considerately. While The Upside Down is an unseen realm to people on Earth, remember it’s always there, and someone is always in it.

Maybe the reason many of us enjoy Stranger Things so much is that The Upside Down is physically represented to exist, it tells us that when this journey of life gets complicated, there will always be people to save us and support us. We just need to reach out.

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