The Importance Of Sisterhood

The beauty of one is formed from the way an individual expresses themselves, through meeting and connecting with different people- embracing one another and building a bond of sisterhood. Sisterhood is a remarkable thing; you create a space of empowerment, love and friendship. It’s crucial that as women, we raise one another rather than competing with one another, that is, in fact, the essence of sisterhood itself.

The Vision Of Empowerment

Let’s travel back in time when women were not able to vote and where freedom of expression was hard to find. Women’s abilities were overlooked continuously, shaped by the way society wanted us women to be, mainly something to please men and nothing more. The suffragettes, a group of outstanding women, came together to establish change, to embark on a different journey and to make a change that will echo throughout history. These group of women fought for the right to vote, establishing protests and gathering women onto the streets. The Suffragettes was one of those movements and examples of sisterhood that made history.

Understanding Sisterhood

So what does it mean to have a sisterhood? Well, it can mean many things. The glory of empowerment stems from the support given by those around you – in a heavily male-dominated world, women should seek to support one another in every aspect of life. We must raise the status of women and support one another in every circumstance.

One of the most significant movements that showed the real bond of sisterhood was the recent #MeToo movement; this took social media by storm. With women coming together and speaking up against sexual violence and harassment, sharing their stories with the world, and creating a safe space for women. Content creator and photographer Shaista Deen said it best when speaking on the topic of sisterhood:

I’ll never get why people are so butt hurt over women being more supportive and uplifting of each other. “how do you know her?” “Why are you getting involved?”
“is that your sister or something?” we don’t need a relation to tie us together. We’re already one simply by being women. We support each other regardless of beliefs because if we don’t do it, no one else will. When we do it, we’re “emotional” and “radical feminists”. We give praise to a man that’s advocating for women because he’s a rarity. I’m not trying to make this a gender thing, but the reality is that a lot of men will share your views in conversation, but when it comes to being public about it, they’re silent. There’s a lot that can be done to combat the toxic issues within the community but the more that it’s left to us to fight battles we’re not meant to be fighting, the worse it will get. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; if you’re a guy, and you see your “bro” harassing/abusing women DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. just because the rest of the guys in your group are hyping it because it’s “just a joke” doesn’t mean that you need to go along with it. To me, THAT is being a coward. You can speak up, and you should speak up because God knows you’d be ready to destroy any guy that would “dare” to speak about your mum or sister like that. “

Taken by: @Shaistadeen via Instagram

Sisterhood allows us, women, to be inspired, supportive, creative and most importantly motivated in our steps. Knowing that there is a community you can always rely on is by far one of the greatest things. Sharing your story, knowing that there is a sisterhood that is there is listen. Just remember the sisterhood GOT YOUR BACK!

So SuperSisters, remember to always hold one another high as women, support and care for one another, be kind and allow the bond of sisterhood to flourish gracefully.


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