Tekisha’s Top 4 TV Dramas!

You’ve got to love a bit of drama in your life and what better way to find that thrill than watching your favourite television show? If you’re struggling to find something compelling to watch at the moment, don’t worry, yo’ girl got yo’ back!

Exploring the old and the new, find out what my top 4 TV dramas are and why I think you should watch them too…


My Mad Fat Diary is a British comedy-drama series that follows the life of a fictional troubled teen, Rae Earl, who is played by actress Sharon Rooney. The show follows Rae through a difficult journey after she leaves a psychiatric hospital to restart her life as a ‘normal’ teenager. Throughout the show, we see how Rae deals with finding love and fitting in, while also battling with mental health and beauty standards.

I love this show for two reasons; the first being that the TV show displays sensitive topics and discusses significant issues in a way that isn’t offensive or misrepresenting. It shines a light on the struggles teenagers face when battling mental health and also trying to live a healthy life while coping with modern-day pressures. The show makes it easy to understand mental illness, even if viewers have never experienced it themselves.

The second reason I love this show is that it’s engaging and genuinely entertaining. Many shows lose their touch as the series extends, but this show didn’t do that for me. Each season was worth watching and always managed to have a gripping storyline.


Being Mary Jane is a television series that follows the life of a successful journalist and reporter, Mary Jane Paul. The show gives equal focus and attention to Mary’s personal and professional life and portrays how the two intertwine. The TV series follows Mary Jane Paul as she struggles to find love and settle down into married life. She is also a news reporter, and we get to see her life within the TV industry, as a strong, black woman. Being Mary Jane further discusses the battles of racism in the workplace and how it can affect the rich, the famous and even the most successful people in the industry.

I enjoy this show because it amplifies sensitive topics such as racism, sexism, social norms, and black culture which creates strong storylines. Each character within the show comes from a financially stable home, and the main character of the show is a beautiful, strong, intelligent and socially conscious black woman.


Humans is an ongoing sci-fi drama series on Channel 4, that explores themes of artificial intelligence and politics. The show follows a family who is campaigning for the rights of ‘synths’, which are robots with a conscience. The series shows how ‘synths’ came to exist, from a mad scientist experiment with artificial intelligence. In the series, the robots rebel against humans who want to use them as slaves and workers, to fight for equal rights and fair treatment.

The series is thrilling and never fails to keep its audience engaged.

Hounslow Diaries

Hounslow Diaries is a BBC Three series that follows the lives of three Muslim teenagers from west London. This comedy series is funny and relatable for many young Muslim women, who can empathise with the struggles faced within society and still uphold their religious values. I’m fascinated by this series because it presents some of the challenges faced by Muslim women today, realistically and respectfully.

So grab your popcorn and get ready for a treat! I hope you enjoyed discovering my top television picks and I hope you go on to enjoy watching them too!

By Tekisha Henry


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