The K-Drama Craze: Faiza’s Top 5

Korean culture is now becoming a worldwide phenomenon, from the endless rise of K-POP artists to a stream of cinematic Television shows. I, for one, have been swept off my feet, and I am here to bring you my Top 5 K-Drama picks. From the dazzling scenes of Korean film making, you will truly be astonished at how beautifully every story is told. So, grab your favourite T.V snacks, sit back and enjoy Faiza’s Top Korean T.V picks!

Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Possibly my upmost favourite K-Drama, my love for dramas blossomed after watching ‘Goblin’ featuring heart-throb Gong Yoo and the ever so elegant Kim Go Eun. The storyline captures and captivates its audience members completely, with the themes of love, action and comedy tying in together. The drama manages to continually keep you on your toes, telling the tale of a man that becomes immortal and faces a battle more significant than most. Gong Yoo, also known as ‘Kim Shin’ in the drama, is given the gift of being an immortal figure. He has lived for over 900 years and remains at a standstill, with a mystical sword placed in his heart by the King he once served and is now cursed by the God he serves. The sword in his heart signifies his sins of killing people on the battlefield.

Living for many years in excruciating pain, Kim Shin must find his bride, to pull the sword out of his heart so that he may finally lay to rest. But it wouldn’t be a K-drama without its dramatic twists and turns. With its dramatic storytelling of love, heartbreak and death. The show is one that upholds paramount significance when it comes to reincarnation and first-loves. If you enjoy indulging in action, comedy and a bit of romance, then Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely And Great God) is a perfect start to your K-Drama craze!

Main Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wok, Yoo In-Na, Yook Sung Jae.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Bringing a powerful woman centre stage, this drama caught my eye particularly. Its comedic tones are what keeps the audience hooked and in awe of how each actor/actress captures their characters so effortlessly. “She is no ordinary woman”, and that is indeed shown through the show. With the main character being a powerful woman, who carries incredible Herculean strength. Park Bo Young, known as ‘Do Bong Soon’ in the show, is shown to be a tiny and petite woman, who carries a strength that has been passed down to all the women in her family for generations. With her Herculean strength, she helps male lead Park Hyung Sik, known as ‘Ahn Min Hyuk’- a young CEO of a software company. Finding himself in trouble with a couple of gangsters, Do Bong Soon steps in to save him.

The female lead is one of the reasons this show caught my eye, as we often see the female leads playing the cinderella role- this was, in fact, the complete opposite. This K-Drama shows the importance of female empowerment and captures every scene to keep audience members hooked every step of the way. You will be head over heels with laughter- with Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, so be ready for endless giggles! We love a bit of a laugh, don’t we? :’D

Main Cast: Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, Ji Soo.

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

A remarkable drama that will have you both in tears and laughter. Starting us off in the modern-day world and then taking us back in time, the show is one that will for sure keep you entertained. Based on a Chinese novel, this K-Drama was one that really shared a special place in its viewer’s hearts, leaving people wanting more. The story is about a 21st-century woman, IU, known as ‘Hae Soo’ who gets transported 1,000 years back into the Goryeo Dynasty, where she finds herself in the midsts of politics and a rivalry for love.

If you love a bit of heartache, comedy, love and drama- then this is a perfect start to your long road of K-Dramas (trust me it’s kind of addicting). The show carries an essential message of how power and politics play a substantial role in society, as well as how power can change individuals. We see actress IU transform from a confused, lost and panicked 21st-century woman, into a woman fitted to take on the struggles of the Goryeo Dynasty. Her character plays a big part in the show and carries the storyline incredibly. If you’re ready to cry buckets of tears, then this is the show for you- a real take on real events, that will leave you wanting more.

Main Cast: Lee Joon Gi, IU, Kang Ha-Neul.

Lawless Lawyer

If you aren’t over Scarlet Heart (Yes, I know it’s a hard one to get over) not to worry! We have the main heart-throb Lee Joon Gi, looking even fresher than ever before in this drama. Lee Joon Gi, known as ‘Bong Sang Pil’, grew up living the gangster life, evading the law and getting into trouble. To avenge his mother’s tragic death, Bon San Pil trains to become the best lawyer in town and take down those who think they are beyond the law. Sang Pil later meets Seo Ye Ji, known as ‘Ha Jae Ji’ in the show and they work together to bring down the people that misuse their powers and hurt innocent people along the way.

If you love a thrill- chasing K-Drama, then this would be fitting for you. The show holds the essence of romance but mainly focuses on the crime aspect of things. We see transformative scenes played by the actors/actresses that will leave you in awe. From courtroom battles to intense fighting scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat- be ready to fight crime with Bong Sang Pil and Hae Jae Ji. Let’s get this show on the road!

Main Cast: Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji.

My Love From The Star

Last, by not least, a drama that knows how to make its audience members have a good laugh. Actor Kim Soo Hyun, known as ‘Do Min-Jun’, is an alien who came onto earth 400 years ago and begins a hopeless romance with A-list celebrity Jun Ji Hyun, formally known as ‘Chong Song Yi’ in the show. This K-Drama is one that holds many comedic moments, as we see both characters form a rather odd relationship. Unaware of his true identity, Chong Song Yi, eventually falls head of heels for this Alien.

If you love a bit of sci-fi romance, then look no further. My Love From The Stars has a bit of everything. With the main male lead carrying powers of intelligence, hearing and speed. If you’re a hopeless romantic, then this show is fitting for you, grab your tissues- because you may just soak in a river of tears from laughing so much and of course crying! (Hehe)

Main Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Jun JI Hyun.

Warning! K-Dramas do become very addictive, so beware and enjoy! Haha.
We all love a story that knocks you off your feet, so prepare yourself for a hell of a rollercoaster ride. Dive into the magic world of Korean Dramas and enjoy your cinematic experience, just remember to not get too caught up in it! (We all dream of a heartthrob like Gong Yoo, I’m still not over it.)

Welcome to the world of K-Dramas, enjoy and remember those box of tissues! 😉

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