The Battle Within

I often find myself lost in a trance, a race to the end of time,

as time passes us by- we ignite a flame within our hearts,

energy passing us– again surpassing the moon and the stars

as we transcend into a river of our being.

Being content with your sense of self is most important;

seeing time overlap in an inevitable flow of fate.
Fate unfolds, and we find ourselves writing stories,

stories that have chapters and endless pages-

inked by the hands of every human and living soul.

We live, and we transform as we are,

growing with time and time remaining ever-present in every motion.

Motion-less is our hearts, bound by every vein in our body-

a thread of hope, intertwined for the hopeless.

There is a voice inside of me, that calls out in despair,
it speaks of time and how time travels in an unforgiving speed,
unstoppable and radiating with nature itself.

They say the battle within is an easy win, but it haunts us when we least expect it.

It’s the journey of finding one’s self and seeking a new beginning,

where time will soon set in a blissful awakening.

Time is the battle within, so seek to find yourself and flourish with no regrets- before it is too late.

Tags: Poetry, SUPERSISTERS, Time, Words

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Faiza Saqib
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