Found Wisdom

Forgive my mistakes, the ones that you can contain in a river and the ones as light as a feather, the one from my feet when I walk the wrong way, and the ones from my tongue when my speech is astray.

Forgive my mistakes, the ones that I left behind and never crossed my mind and the one that I don’t contemplate because they are still far ahead.

I have the wisdom of a devote priest, and I am as naive as a prey lost in the forest.

I have the confidence of a great speaker, and I am as insecure as a cheater.

I have the hope of a believer, but I am as fearful as a stealer.

I am good, and I am bad, I am wrong, and I am right.

It wears the red of evil, but it’s just the truth disguised in a riddle,

The hearts shakes because of the fear of their battles.

How can I explain what I mean, when my talk can lead you to sin? If you listen carefully, and I know you will, time will give its guidance, and you will reach the seas of the hidden glories.

By Lynda Nechat

Tags: Poetry, Spirituality, SUPERSISTERS, Wisdom, Wordporn

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