Blog Guidelines


SuperSisters is an online publication in London, that aims to break boundaries and stereotypes within the media, through inspirational content. We want to build a platform for Muslim women all over the world, be the voice for the voiceless and communicate through every image, video and text we create. SuperSisters main aim is to educate as well as inspire the youth, we want to acknowledge achievements and tell stories rarely covered by mainstream media.


We intend on creating both video and text-based content, which will go up on our official blog site and social media sites. Our platform remains a welcoming space for people to share, discuss and challenge, so there are no boundaries. There remains a huge misconception in the media regarding Muslims, and we want to inspire positive change. We believe change begins only if you are willing to take that step, so celebrating Muslim women from all over the world is only the beginning of what we want to achieve here at SuperSisters Magazine.

“Seek to be the change you believe in.

It starts with you and ends with History in the making.”

-SuperSisters Team


Why not be the change you want to see? It begins with the belief and the motivation behind every project. We firmly believe in creating a diverse and welcoming environment for our audience members and aim to create endless content that inspires and moves the masses. So why not be a part of that change? Remember, it starts with you.


Our primary audience ranges from 13-18-year old females, in East London, but we focus on creating content suitable for a range of people. We like to keep our audience members curious and engaged in our content, which is why all our platforms have a comment section to allow our audience members to share their thoughts on different matters.


Graphics, images, videos and text content will be posted on all social media platforms. Every post will be given a reward for promotion, so all our audience members are aware that your written work is now up on our SuperSisters website. Feel free to send us images that can also be posted with your work and it will be reviewed.


Lifestyle: Fashion, Beauty & Home

With the lifestyle category, we want our contributors to bring out a different side to our blog. With styling look-books, beauty hacks and home décor. This category connects with a range of different readers.

Creative: Poetry, Short stories & Art

Get creative and allow your imagination to roam free. Poetry, short stories and art all connect and allow our writers to spark an essence of creativity.

Hot Topics: Current affairs, Opinions & Politics

A more formal side to the blog is our ‘Hot Topics’ Section. We want out contributors to give their opinions as well as update us with the latest and hottest news. From worldwide issues, to major breakthroughs around the world. And further opinion pieces sharing thoughts and experiences as a Muslim Woman in Britain/elsewhere.

Wellness: Health/Fitness, Mental health, Spirituality

A personal section of our blog is the ‘Wellness’ section. We want to dive into something deeper and bring a connection to the writers and readers. With every individual holding a story, we want people to feel comfortable but also to step out of their comfort zone to share and bring light to topics that are not spoken about within the community.

Culture: Entertainment, Reviews & Food

From book reviews to movie reviews, we want our writers and readers to explore and indulge in some light-hearted content.


Smart casual: Show some formalities, but don’t be boring with it. Keep it professional but allow yourself to have some fun with the writing you produce, you wouldn’t want to drag your readers into something dull, add substance to your work by being creative and fun!


  1. Use British English – It’s easy to get American English and British English mixed up, so be sure your word document or application is up to date with the British language format.
  2. Don’t be too formal – Try to keep the connection going with the reader base and make sure the text is not too formal, be comfortable with your words. Smart casual is the best way to connect with a larger audience. Keeping things too formal may have the readers bored, if the topic is laid back, then make sure your format is also laid back.
  3. Make it simple – Try not to extend your points and go way off topic, keep your points simple and straight forward. Steering away from your initial point could lose the reader’s attention, so be aware of the points you are making.
  4. Connect with the audience – The SuperSisters platform welcomes different religions, ages and people onto the platform. When contributing onto the platform, please remain respectful and be your own person. Connect with your readers and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. The platform encourages stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging the norm. Be different, be you and connect with a range of readers.
  5. Strong titles/headlines – When writing up a blogpost, be sure all your titles and headlines are clear. Titles are important as it’s the first thing readers see; it needs to grab the reader’s attention so that they can click onto your post and read more. Make sure the title isn’t misinforming the readers, but rather grants and insight into what your blogpost is about.
  6. Subheadings – These are important, make sure you highlight any subheadings and make it clear what you want to discuss. Outline your main topic and then make sure your subheadings have a clear structure. Make your readers aware. Eg “Five top tips for staying healthy this Ramadan” (Insert subheading of the five top tips 1.) Exercise…2.)Meditation. Etc)
  7. Translation – We welcome all languages with translation, feel free to write from your heart and introduce the world to different languages, but please provide translations with every written text and be sure to have it ready for review from a SuperSisters team member!




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