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3 Initiative helping tackle homelessness this winter

As we are saying goodbye to the January blues and greeting longer days, one thing remains in the UK. A sweeping, bitter cold that we all feel under all those layers of scarves, jackets and fluffy pyjamas. However, not all have the luxury of central heating and access to all those warm layers. Homelessness is […]


3 Organisations That Will Inspire You To Get Into Sport

You haven’t worn those joggers or put on those trainers for a run since high school P.E right? Looking back, I’m sure most of us wish we put more effort in those gruelling morning runs and dodgeball competitions – that lesson was practically a free gym membership! If you’ve always wanted to get fit and […]


The Tough Stuff: Expressing my Muslim identity

Hands up – we’ve all been caught with a foot in the sink at school doing wudu or carrying around that water bottle that your friend wants to take a swig out of. We get it, things can get a little uncomfortable sometimes, and we’ve all struggled trying to explain these situations to others! In […]