Say no to menstru-hating this Ramadan.

You’ve been spotted. You slowly put that samosa back down in the stack and swallow whatever you could chew before being outed only 20 minutes before the athaan. Girl, pick that samosa back up and carry on eating. If you knew what we were talking about by the first line, then you know you’ve been through some serious menstru-hating during Ramadan. 

The truth is that you certainly shouldn’t hate the fact that you’re on your period during Ramadan and that there are so many ways for us to worship Allah and gain reward in addition to praying and fasting. What is important to remember is that this discomfort and awkwardness that can sometimes be linked to being on your period seems to come from a deep-rooted discomfort from society making women feel as if they should hide and be ashamed for experiencing something that is entirely natural.

If anything, Islam empowers women during Ramadan by alleviating the pressure of having to fast and pray whilst on your period. Your period isn’t shameful, it’s the social stigma and pressure to hide your period that is. If women around the Prophet (SAW) were not made to feel weak or ashamed for having a period, then the men in our societies should certainly follow this etiquette. It’s not about shouting from the rooftops through megaphones and speakers that you are on your period (let’s face it you’d rather be in bed) as it is still important to maintain a level of hayaa’ (modesty) but this modesty should never be confused with feeling ashamed. If you feel embarrassed or ashamed for having your period, then how are others supposed to feel about it?

So, this Ramadan, whether you get your period at the start, middle or in the final 10 days obey Allah in the best way you can by taking the mercy He offers women during Ramadan and the rest of the year by not praying or fasting whilst on your period, because in this there is a reward. We all know the worst type of menstru-hating comes when you get your period in the last 10 days. Donating to charity, making duaa, feeding those who’ve fasted and listening to the Quran are just a few ways to earn those good deeds whilst on your period this Ramadan.

So ladies, stock up on the chocolate, hot water bottles and worshipping of Allah this Ramadan and watch your good deeds stack up.

How do you get closer to Allah whilst on your period in Ramadan? Let us know your top tips over on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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