International Day of Charity Roundup

Giving feels good! So today, in celebration of International Day of Charity, we’ve put together a roundup of five charities and organisations by and for Muslim women that you can get involved in and support, or maybe as inspiration for you establishing your own initiative.


Muslim Women’s Welfare Association (MWWA)

Founded in 1987 in response to the lack of support for Muslim Women in Redbridge and neighbouring areas, MWWA was established to tackle isolation and help women become valued members of their community through learning new skills, fitness classes and more.

Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK)

MWNUK was in 2003 to give independent advice to government on issues relating to Muslim women and public policy, and since 2013 has been a registered charity that also informs Muslim women and girls about their rights and the support that exists.


Muslim Women’s Council

The Muslim Women’s Council is a leading Bradford based charity set up in 2009 who aim to ‘empower women for the benefit of society’ by tackling issues that affect Muslim women.


Muslim Women’s Coalition

The Muslim Women’s Coalition is an American organisation established to tackle the negative media portrayal of Muslim women and address issues affecting Muslim women in the USA.


Muslim Women Connect

Muslim Women Connect is a youth volunteer-lead initiative bringing together Muslim women from a broad range of careers and different walks of life in order to network, connect with and nurture the next generation of Muslim women.


If there are any charities or organisations you think we ought to shout about, then please let us know!

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