Acid attacks leaving victims shocked, confused and scarred for LIFE.

Over the past week there have been more hate crime related acid attacks around the London Borough of Newham & Tower Hamlets. A young lady named Rasham Khan 21 and her cousin Jameel Muhktar were attacked through their car window in Newham. It was her 21st birthday and she had plans just like any other 21 year old but it all went wrong. Rasham wasn’t the only victim of this sort of atrocious hate crime; criminals have been targeting ‘Muslim looking people’ and ‘South Asians’. Many other incidences have been treated as vicious robberies and only until recently have the media broadcasted it as an acid attack. There has been a sharp rise in acid attacks across London from 2015-2016, boroughs such as Newham and Tower Hamlets have seen the most. This is obviously a very traumatic and painful experience for those not only directly affected by the attacks but the Muslim community surrounding the victims as well.

The public and those affected have been in fear as warnings on social media have told people “please be careful, especially if you’re brown”. There’s been a lot of hate over the past two months in London and around the UK so the public mood is already high. Many people have protested and actively taken part in a petition to ban/ reduce the sale of harmful acids to the public, please click on the picture below to sign.

Rasham Khan the 21 year old acid victim has tweeted about the experience and although it was disgusting what happened to her she is still trying to stay positive. We hope she chases her dreams.  SuperSisters is a positive counter narrative platform and I hope you all take something away from this.

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Be careful and stay safe #supersisters #westandtogether #girllove #Londonishome

Resham Khan 21
Resham Khan 21 

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