3 Muslim Women Putting US Election Candidates in the Hot Seat

Remaz Abdelgader


Remaz Abdelgader, an aspiring human rights lawyer and senior at George Mason University, asked Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders about what he intended to do about the rising tide of Islamophobia perpetuated by the media and other candidates.

Rose Hamid

Rose Hamid, a flight attendant for 30 years, attended a Trump rally in South Carolina where she stood in silent protest. She said that she felt a “responsibility to represent my faith and my country with clarity and dignity.”

The best thing about it all was the calm and collected manner in which she responded to Islamophobia. When asked by a Trump supporter if she had a bomb, contrary to most depictions of Muslims as angry, she smiled and said “No, do you?” and when asked to leave she simply responded, “You don’t know me, why would you say something like that?”.


Erum Tariq-Munir

Erum Tariq-Munir, a mother and retired Air Force veteran asked Hilary Clinton whether the US was the best place for her to bring up her children given the rise in anti-Muslim rhetoric in the media during the US election period.


Source: CNN


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