5 Things You Should Avoid Doing This Ramadan (and probably all year too)

It’s the best time of the year again. With the most blessed month in Islam upon us so soon it feels just like new years with resolutions flying left, right and centre. Although Ramadan is the perfect opportunity for us to reflect, be productive and set personal goals for ourselves, there are some glaring bad habits we forget to include! Here are 5 common mistakes Muslims make during Ramadan and ones we should all definitely remember to stick up on that Ramadan resolutions list this year.

1 – Athaan Stampedes

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Hands up, we’re all guilty of this. Away from the rumble of our stomachs, the athaan (call to prayer) has come to signal another kind of rumble at home with everyone thumping down the stairs and shooting straight into the kitchen. We’ve fasted over 19 hours – I’m sure we can hold it in for 5 minutes longer to make duaa and take in the athaan!

After eating your own body weight in samosas, rice and chicken, you know you’re telling yourself “never again” mid-sujud in Taraweeh prayer. Until the next night of course. Let’s chill this Ramadan guys and keep it light!

Pro tip: Break your fast with three dates and water as the Prophet (SAW) did to keep you feeling light during Taraweeh. Save that big meal for Suhoor!

2 – Be Productive!

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That means not spending the whole day in bed sleeping to avoid feeling hungry or thirsty. Despite being given the whole day and evening to get down to work without thinking of food and water – that’s precisely what many Ramadan is spent doing!

This Ramadan, don’t spend your lunch breaks scrolling through all those recipes and cooking videos on your timeline (despite how tempting they can be) but instead work towards a project you can complete during your lunch and summer breaks!

3 – Peppermint tea with a side of no judging please

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Since when did she start wearing an abaya and headscarf?

Didn’t you see him drinking water a whole 7 hours before maghrib?

They sound like fairly innocent questions – but almost always descend into backbiting and straight up judging. This Ramadan, let’s focus on our own worship and work to support others in their worship of Allah too.

Hamdun al-Qassar, one of the earliest Muslims said: “If a friend among your friends errs, make seventy excuses for them. If your hearts are unable to do this, then know that the shortcoming is in your own selves”

Can you think of seventy excuses for the two questions mentioned at the start? If you hear your mates judging someone this Ramadan, be the one to drop in with a list of excuses for them!

4 – Less food more dua

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So, isn’t Ramadan, like, when you don’t eat and drink for a whole month?

 We’ve all heard that glorious line before. The truth is many people, including Muslims themselves can often fall into thinking that Ramadan is all about food and drink, when it’s about anything but!

Ramadan removes the distraction of food and drink to keep us feeding our souls with some quality worship time. Spend every opportunity you can whether on the tube or during suhoor making duaa for what you want most in this life and in the hereafter!

5 – Drink Up!

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Remember to look after yourself, cut back on the junk and eat some wholesome foods to keep you going. Ramadan tends to bring cravings you never thought you’d have and suddenly, you’d do anything for a whole skip full of ready salted crisps.

Don’t go overboard on salty, spicy foods and stay hydrated from maghrib to suhoor and inbetween Taraweeh prayers too!

Have we missed out any major mistakes we can fall into during Ramadan? Have any tips to help our super sisters? Share them over on our Facebook and Instagram pages.



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