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SarahM is a writer, reader, talker (maybe too much) and casual studier of Japanese. She aspires to get to bed for 10pm every night and lives in Leicester.

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Catsuit Banned but the Queen Slays On

You might think that being ranked world number one on eight separate occasions, winning 23 grand slam titles (including one on every surface, grass, clay and hard), holding eight olympic gold medals and not to mention triumphing at the Australian Open while growing a human being, might get a woman the right to wear whatever […]


Fighting Human Trafficking on All Fronts

As we bask in the glorious weather this summer, many of us planning holidays, arranging flights and booking hotels, imagine a different type of trip. Your accommodation is cramped and dirty; there’s barely any food and protests you make are met with threats to your life. To make matters worse you might not speak the […]