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What I love about Ramadan

My Journey Ramadan is a time of reflection, rejuvenation of the faith and a path of spirituality. It comes around every year, a blessing and one that I, like many other Muslims look forward to. A celebration of the faith we hold, while reminding ourselves of the hardships that come with fasting, it is essentially […]

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The competitive world of blogging

The modest fashion industry has grown tremendously, with the rise of Muslim designers and events taking the world by storm. The most recent event that took place was Dubai Modest Fashion week, DMFW has become a yearly event and seeing it first hand was an interesting experience. It was eye-opening to step into the world […]

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Five Coming of Age stories told by Muslim female writers

It’s World Book Day today! And for all you SuperSister booklovers 💖we’ve compiled a list of awesome Muslim female authors that you need to put on your ‘to reads’ ASAP! 📚📚📚  Muslim women come in all colours, cultures and communities, so this list is as diverse as the women behind their makings. At SuperSisters we think it’s important to provide […]

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Our 5 top tips for optimum health

Take care of your mind, body and soul. In order to be the best, you can be in all that you do, you must learn to put yourself first. We know at times things can get tough, so here are our 5 top tips on keeping your mind, body and soul motivated.   Physical:   Put your body first, […]

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Fighting Human Trafficking on All Fronts 

As we bask in the glorious weather this summer, many of us planning holidays, arranging flights and booking hotels, imagine a different type of trip. Your accommodation is cramped and dirty; there’s barely any food and protests you make are met with threats to your life. To make matters worse you might not speak the […]